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Recruitment Services

QuantifiedHR builds bridges between businesses that are in the search of talented and skilled manpower and such professionals looking eagerly for companies that promise to add a new dimension to their career. And, these bridges that we build connecting these two ends, serve as a sure-footed and reliable gateway that leads to mutual benefits and contentment.

In this highly competitive, global market of today, all businesses demand young and dynamic professionals with skills in diverse domains that fit the bill perfectly. We provide specialized assistance in a wide range of ways, be it RPO, staffing, career advice, or, articulating job descriptions, resumes and interview training programmes. And all this, with a view to channel quantified business outcomes.

Human Capital Acquisition and Management

Matching Pace with Fast-Changing Times

Today, even when your new hires are highly talented and doing well in their jobs, have received a stellar training in the field, chances are that these skills will become obsolete in a few years. Thus, to stay relevant, businesses need people who have the ability to continually learn new skills.

Quantifiable Resumes

It is imperative to create resumes and job descriptions that can be quantified and have a close relationship with desired business outcomes. It is important because numbers build credibility and stand out to the recruiters. Anything that is measurable with associated metrics leaves a high impact. Hiring is time-consuming, expensive, and inherently uncertain. The hirer doesn’t know that the candidate is the right fit and the candidate doesn’t know if the hirers are the right fit. At QuantifiedHR, we leverage our expertise and experience to boost hiring effectiveness of your company. We have perfected the art of recruitment by combining the power of structured and scientific recruiting methods with well-established recruitment practices to improve overall performance.

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Improve your hiring process with QuantifiedHR Solutions

At QuantifiedHR, we take pride in having a robust network of high-end clients who approach us with their requirements of advice & solutions, be that companies or talented professionals. We always strive to make our planning techniques more and more effective and productive by the day. Overcoming numerous challenges in the way, be that working out the metrics & analytics, business strategies, talent management in a disruptive economy or more, we do all this and way more in order to ensure quantified outcomes.

A Paradigm Shift in Talent Acquisition Services

In the past few years, Talent Acquisition functions have undergone dynamic shifts in functions, roles, and the overall impact it has on shaping the organization. With fast-changing employment landscape, the changes have significantly challenged assumptions about basics of talent management. Rapid technological advancements combined with an increasingly mobile global workforce have successfully caused a seismic shift in the talent acquisition practices.

Upskilling Talent or Don Different Hats

Companies are increasingly looking for workers who can fit in agnostic roles and thus be available for increasing opportunities coming their way. The companies are saved from looking for a qualified workforce to match a certain role as they already have talent that can make the most of any opportunity coming their way.

Bringing the Best Talent Acquisition Solutions

Metrics & Analytics

As an initial step, a well-informed, researched and executed method of employing metrics & analytics forms a very prominent part of our policies.

Planning & Strategy

Getting down to the planning part, we focus on drawing up strategies and plans for your business, employing our varied expertise, various techniques and digital technology.

Tools & Technology

We keep an eye on all the technological advancements and innovations in the field of HR and employ them to create innovative solutions for our clients that pay rich dividends.

Process excellence

We work dedicatedly and conscientiously at every step of our process, from planning to execution of our specialist Talent Acquisition services, ensuring richly rewarding results for our end-clients.


Depending upon what domain you are in, we pore over your business model and its needs, to be able to give you an accurate analysis of what HR advice and solutions you need, and how the same should be implemented for quantified results.


At QuantifiedHR We think up and implement strategies for your business which have the quintessential elements of accurately assessed metrics & analytics, technological innovation and a quantified framework.