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HR Advisory Services

The contribution of the People Management Function in building a competitive edge of a business cannot be explained in words. It is for this reason comprehensive Human Resource processes operate at utmost efficiency levels while showing continued and consistent improvements. At QuantifiedHR, we design and implement the latest effective and efficient HR practices. Our scope of HR Advisory Services includes

Building a Robust HR Infrastructure

Synching HR Efforts with the Vision of the Organization

Designing HR Policies for the millennial workforce

Designing Flexible and Scalable HR Processes

Deploying Productivity Initiatives

Building Organization Capability and Leadership Coaching

We Manage the Best Talent in the Industry


Talent Management is quickly becoming a key differentiator in this fast-changing world where multiple challenges are faced by the leaders. QuantifiedHR Solutions help to deploy and redeploy talent as per opportunities coming up and dissipating. Besides Talent Management, we help our client with:

Meeting Performance Management Goals

Fulfilling performance management objectives by providing alignment and a clear focus on the job of the employee and goals of an organization.

Attracting and Retaining High-Quality Workforce

Creation and management of compensation and benefits based on the information available to us helping us to attract, encourage and retain a high-quality workforce.


Benchmarking help us to identify areas of client improvement, to determine whether the clients are ahead of the competition and increase the competitive value of the company.

Designing A Workplace Approach

It helps us ensure the complete commitment of the employees to the goals, values, and objectives of an organization which helps in contributing towards its success.

QuantifiedHR also extends a helping hand to Start-ups and existing organizations by developing a scalable HR Strategy and a robust HR infrastructure that assist in managing growth, attracting, retaining and motivating top talent, minimize risks, and ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.


Advanced metrics & analytics

Delving deep into metrics and analytics of a business and its HR aspects is an essential part of planning strategies at QuantifiedHR. We exercise the utmost care and diligence in researching these elements of our client’s business in order to determine an accurate analysis of their requirements and design effective solutions.

Optimising the costs of acquisition

At QuantifiedHR Solutions, we completely agree to the fact that Cost Per Hire is one of the most interesting metrics which may be easy to comprehend but time-consuming to calculate. We optimize the cost of acquisition for you by keeping our focus on quality rather than costs as in the long run the best people hired holds the key to success.


Swift turnaround time

Time is no less important than money, as we all know, it’s essential for a business to find and implement HR strategies and solutions as and when the need arises. Sometimes, a single day’s delay in the right action causes a considerable loss to the company in more ways than one. To this end, our assistance is always dedicated to expediting the implementation, while ensuring uncompromised quality.

The promise of quantified business outcomes

Efforts are only as much successful as the end-result is, and we, at QuantifiedHR, work with this deep belief. Our extensive, well-informed and strategic methodology is always directed towards ensuring that the assistance we deliver to our clients brings about outcomes that are not only what is envisioned by the client but also quantified.

Enabling HR

At QuantifiedHR, we take pride in our robust network of high-end clients who engage with us for HR advice & solutions; be it companies or experienced professionals. We always strive to make our HR planning techniques more effective and productive. Overcoming numerous challenges, be that identifying appropriate metrics & leveraging analytics, business strategies, talent management in a disruptive economy or more, we do all this and way more in order to increase the probability of quantified outcomes.

  • Metrics & Analytics
  • Planning & Strategy
  • Tools & Technology

  • Talent & Capability Development
  • Talent Management
  • Process Excellence

Metrics & Analytics

As an initial step, a well-informed, researched and executed method of employing metrics & analytics forms a very prominent part of our policies.

Planning & Strategy

Getting down to the planning part, we focus on drawing up strategies and plans for your business, employing our varied expertise, various techniques and digital technology.

Tools & Technology

We keep an eye on all the technological advancements and innovations in the field of HR and employ them to create innovative solutions for our clients that pay rich dividends.

Talent & capability development

QuantifiedHR has all the right answers & sound advice when it comes to questions & requirements concerning HR. We hold training programmes and certifications for talent & capability development that serves your business aptly.

Talent Management

With our expert advice, we show you the way to effective talent management in a disruptive economy so that your business not only stays afloat but also thrives.

Process excellence

We work dedicatedly and conscientiously at every step of our process, from planning to execution of our specialist HR advisory services, ensuring richly rewarding results for our end-clients.


Depending upon what domain you are in, we pore over your business model and its needs, to be able to give you an accurate analysis of what HR advice and solutions you need, and how the same should be implemented for quantified results.



At QuantifiedHR We think up and implement strategies for your business which have the quintessential elements of accurately assessed metrics & analytics, technological innovation and a quantified framework.