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Growing Your Business

We Have More Than 40+ Years of Practical Experience

The Quantified HR team brings together 40+years of young, creative, challenging and diverse experience. The team bring together experience and expertise in domain, technology, analytics and operations.

On the strength of this in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, we offer professional and effective talent acquisition and advisory solutions. An expert employment of technology, proprietary frameworks and analytics is what forms a pivotal part of our approach. With a vast experience in many corporate roles and a thorough understanding of the operational nuances of various industries, we are equipped to work with clients to build winning solutions. We work with the motive of connecting the skills sought for a role with a view to channelize quantifiable business outcomes and growth. Moreover, we keep a track of all the organisational and cultural changes across industries. This keeps us updated and abreast always, so you can rely on our services. We constantly strive towards delivering our HR solutions with maximum efficiency and swift turnaround time.

+ Years Of
Industry Experience
+ Clients With Global Operations
+ Live Mid And Senior Level Opportunities
+ Live Network Of Professionals

Our Core Values That Make
Us Professional

Client Contentment

Success of any business, undeniably, hinges on the extent of the satisfaction of its clients. Therefore, when we get down to the business of chalking out and delivering our services, our client is at the centre of it. We focus our solution with the client’s precise needs and deliver quantified results.

True Integrity

Having a solid, capable and reliable team of professionals is another pillar of our strength. Whether it be data collection, research & analysis, digital transformation, or other operations and aspects of business, we make certain that honesty, dedication, loyalty and accountability remain our key characteristics throughout our services.

Undying Passion

It’s our deep and undying passion to develop creative solutions for our clients that makes our service exceptionally productive. Servicing our corporate clients as well as an individual job-seeking client; are like two sides of the same coin for us, when it comes to delivering concrete, result-oriented HR assistance. Serving up quantified outcomes to all our clients remains at the very core of our existence and excellence.

Distinct Service

It’s all about the approach we take to creating and delivering solutions for our clients. Our consistent efforts are always guided towards collecting and analysing data using sure-footed analytical models and technology. Our service excellence is driven by the science and the art of quantifying business outcomes.

Constant Innovation

Change is the only constant in life, we completely swear by this notion. Therefore, we keep ourselves abreast of all the changes and developments. Staying inventive and innovative with our strategies & systems is what helps us challenge and upgrade the status quo.

On the lookout for a job?

Do you have the skills required to make a business impact?

Let’s be brutally honest, no one goes looking for a job with the sole aim of just finding an occupation that gives a pay-check at the end of the month. In today’s modern and dynamic world, all professionals seek fulfilment and the promise of further advancement in their career. Does this sound like you? Well, you have stumbled upon the right place then! Quantified HR is here to catapult you on to the right path, navigating you rightly to your destination. All you need to do is prove your calibre and skills pertaining to the position you are aiming for.


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