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Recruitment isn’t about just hiring workforce and putting them to work, it means doing so with a certain business outcome in mind.

Leveraging Human Capital effectively to drive competitive advantage in a disruptive economy through effective talent management and processes


Welcome To QuantifiedHR

An ever-expanding and evolving company, QuantifiedHR has years of multi-industry experience in not just hunting valuable talent but also in providing expert HR Advisory assistance in driving organizational and cultural transformation and data visualization. QuantifiedHR holds deep insight into the industry requirements and benchmarks across numerous niche domains and verticals. Our careful and methodical approach, packaged with the support of technology and analytics, is what equips us to deliver quantifiable results. To this end, we employ a varied number and types of HR strategies suiting diverse domains, and all this with the promise of efficiency and desired output.

Great Vision Without Great People is Irrelevant

Win The Marketplace By Winning The Workplace

We Bet On People and Not on Strategies Only

At QuantifiedHR, we do more than “trusting our instincts.” In reality, we base most of our human resource decisions on logical and objective data reasoning. Today, it has become the hallmark of good business planning as it filters out uncertainties, hidden biases, random chance, and unforeseen variables. We make extensive use of big data and technology to ensure consistent improvement in performance. We help companies looking forward to transforming their HR Functions into true drivers of corporate success. The idea is to go beyond functional roles moving to the strategic ones. We look at HR as a business transaction and work on making it less costly, more efficient, providing a greater user experience, and playing an impactful role in the larger scheme of things.

QuantifiedHR solutions benefit all organisations and industries

Irrespective of the size, scale, and scope of your business, we at QuantifiedHR offer you the best human capital solutions that result in greater employee and organizational performance while minimising the risk of employment practice. We play a key role in assisting the client in the identification of needs, development of an action plan, and facilitating change to enhance business success. With growing challenges in the corporate arena, we help businesses adapt quickly with changing business strategies. We help drive the change with minimal disruption and help onboard talent to reskill and manage the change in the new business.

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On the lookout for a job?

Do you have the skills required to make a business impact?

Let’s be brutally honest, no one goes looking for a job with the sole aim of just finding an occupation that gives a pay-check at the end of the month. In today’s modern and dynamic world, all professionals seek fulfilment and the promise of further advancement in their career. Does this sound like you? Well, you have stumbled upon the right place then! QuantifiedHR is here to catapult you on to the right path, navigating you rightly to your destination. All you need to do is prove your calibre and skills pertaining to the position you are aiming for.


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